4 Ways to Help Kids in their Self Development Journey

Self Development

Self Development Journey Begins Early in Kids

Each and every day for any kid is a Self Learning day OR Self Developing day. They learn by seeing others or doing some things by themselves. There might be times where they feel alone. We’ve all had that feeling as a kid that our parents don’t listen to us or simply didn’t have time for us. It happens to everyone at some point in time. However, this kind of feeling in kids needs to be taken care well.

Did you know failing to address your children’s emotional insecurities leads to a barrier in their Self Development. Now the Question is; What kind of Approach you should follow to help your child with the Self Development Process? The answer is very simple; “JUST LISTEN”. Listening to your child’s problem is the first step to start with. If you find your child stressed out. Listen to him/her carefully rather than distracting them with something else in order to make their discomfort or uneasy go away.

4 Ways to Help Kids in their Self Development Journey

Children always look up to their parents and teachers as their Role Model. So it becomes important to set yourself as an example. “Practice what you Preach”. For eg: If you want your child to love and accept themselves. You need to first start loving yourself. Here are some of the ideas to help your child with Self Development.

Self Acceptance

Its very important to instill the belief in your child to accept the way they are and simultaneously keep on improving. You don’t want your child to believe that they can’t be satisfied with themselves if they are not winning in any sport or not ranking among the top 3 in School. You need to make them realize that they might be good at something else. Be supportive and encouraging in what they like. This kind of support will boost your child’s confidence and will eventually help to accept themselves.

Be a Path in Recognizing your Kid’s Strength

Keep an eye on things that your kid loves to do. Always inquire about the favorite aspects about themselves. Don’t inform directly what Strengths do they have. Let them figure out on their own but you just need to be a Catalyst here in the entire process. Make sure they recognize the aspects of their Personality rather than their Personal appearance.

Recognize Areas of Improvement

Its the tender age of your kid who are bound to make mistakes. Here is the major role of you as a Parent to Recognize their Areas of Improvement. If they insist to be the smartest of all among all the kids. Inform them that there is always a scope of improvement. If your kid loves to paint; but says he is bad at it, suggest what to do to improve it.

Encourage your kid to take Charge

Self Development is not only about being attractive from outside. Teach your kid what it means to bring difference to the world. Encourage them to take part in communities social projects. Its amazing to understand the feeling of helping other or bringing some change to the community by taking charge of it.


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