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5 Moral Values to Teach your Child by the Age of 10

All the parents around the globe wants to teach good Moral Values to their Kids right from childhood. Now the question is; How to go about with the entire teaching and learning phase. Values like Honesty, Accountability, Ethics and many more seems to be big words. Its a difficult task to make your child understand the core Value by the age of 10.

Ways to teach Moral Values to your Child

Share good Moral Experiences in the form of Stories.

Be the Role Model for your Child

5 Moral Values to Teach your Child by the Age of 10

  1. Honesty

‘Honesty is the best Policy’ is being taught to all the kids around the world. But the question here is; how effectively do your child understand the relevance of it? For any individual to be true to oneself or others need to remove the fear of being scolded on doing something wrong. You being a parent need to make your child comfortable in being true and accepting their mistakes boldly.

2. Gratitude

‘While eating a fruit think of the person who planted the tree’. This is a true example of showing gratitude and appreciation towards what we have. If the value of Gratitude is inculcated right from childhood; then your child will start appreciating and valuing about the things he has in life.

3. Equality

‘Treating all individuals equally’. Kids always look up to their parents or teachers as their role model. In order to teach values to your child you yourself will have to follow it. You can set right examples by allowing your child to play with other kids irrespective of their social differences.

4. Sharing

‘Sharing is caring’. We all have heard about it right from our childhood. Sharing is all about a Selfless Act. You can encourage your child to share their toys / belongings with other child.

5. Respect

‘One who pays respect to the great; paves the way for his own greatness’. Young children should always learner to give respect to all the individuals. It is a very crucial step to develop when the child grows up. Talking politely to the school bus driver, gatekeeper, domestic helper is an example that you can set for your child.


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