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Online MBA or Offline MBA 2021: Which one to choose?

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete” – Jack welch

This quote of JACK WELCH is what trigged me. I was in a race to identify my Competitive Advantage. In order to stand out from the crowd I realised the importance of upscaling. Online studying has become increasingly popular and MBA being the need of an hour.

Is Online MBA or Offline MBA right for me?

Online MBA is increasingly gaining a lot of importance. This mode of learning is attracting working professionals and are widely accepted by all the Industry. Major advantage is Professionals can upscale without leaving job.

Offline MBA in popular among young professionals. The learner needs to spend 2 yrs in college. Traditional MBA gives good offline networking

Both forms of MBA boosts your career growth. However today online MBA is a good option for those who cannot attend full time on campus classes.

One can select the learning mode depending upon the investment of time and money. If you have responsibilities on you, short of time and limited money to spend; then ONLINE MBA is the one for you. If you have time and age then Offline MBA is the decision for you.

Before you land up on deciding to pursue online or offline MBA. You should have answers for the following questions :

Q) What are your career goals?

If you are stuck and jammed in your career and want to move up the ladder without compromising your JOB. Then online MBA is the one that will help you. On the contrary, if you have time, age and an aptitude to crack the entrance test. Then offline MBA is the one that you can think off.

Q) What are your expectations from the Program?

If you are already good at your current work. Look for the skills that you are lacking at. Compare the content that you will get from online MBA and offline MBA. Choose the mode of  program which covers industry relevant content

Q) Does it meet your Need?

Before looking at the price point; consider the value you get from the program. You need to ensure the Degree’s credibility and Industry Acceptance. The two major reasons to pursue MBA is ROI and Credibility of degree.

Conclusion :

Regular and online MBAs have their own merits and demerits. You need to compare them based on your own circumstances and requirements and then choose the one that is right for you.

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